U Shape Pregnancy Pillow

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12 Ft U-Shaped Comfort Pregnancy Support Pillow & Pillow Case

Our U-shaped body pillows are that it caresses your entire body. You can use the pillow to support your back and front while sleeping on your side. This keeps you from moving onto your back while you sleep. U-Shaped body pillow can be use into a number of different positions to support you while reading in bed, watching TV, back sleeping, stomach sleeping, playing video games, or when you just want a pillow to cuddle with during the night.

U shaped orthopedic pillow use for pain relief, maternity and pregnancy comfort relief and general cuddling. So if you are looking for a good night sleep, more comfort, a way to ease pain due to pregnancy, back pain, sciatica or other discomforts, you will love the Comfort-U body pillow. Thanks to u shaped pregnancy pillow it is very reasonable price. U shaped pillow polyester fibber filling is a popular choice. It’s weightless, so it can make your pillow fill warm and it will absorb and retain your body heat. Give your bedroom a comfy and stylish update with this shaped pregnancy comfort pillow. Material cover of this u shaped pillow cover from luxuriously soft double brushed microfiber. This fabric is machine washable for easy cleaning.

 Color: White

Washing Instructions: Machine Washable

Size: 12 Ft U-Shaped Comfort Pregnancy Support Pillow & Pillow Case

Pillow Filling:  Polyester Hollow fibre

Material: Material is Microfiber


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